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Virginus Alajekwu
Designing With Passion While Exploring The World

Alajekwu Virginus C., also known as Don Solace, is a highly skilled software developer and the Chief Executive Officer of Afobata Co. Ltd. He is a talented computer programmer with a strong ability to lead and solve complex problems. Don Solace is a dedicated and hardworking individual, always eager to learn and proficiently articulate various concepts.

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I Create Products Not Just Arts

I’m a software developer and the CEO of Afobata Co. Ltd. I create innovative products that go beyond artistry. With my programming skills, leadership abilities, and problem-solving mindset, I transform ideas into functional solutions. I have experience in web, app, and software development, as well as expertise in real estate, import-export, business, and cryptocurrency. I enjoy teaching and collaborating with others. Let’s work together to turn your vision into reality.

Frontend and Backend Developer

Attention! Need exceptional web solutions? Our expert Frontend and Backend Developer has got you covered. With proficiency in HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Dart/Flutter, PHP, and more, we create captivating user interfaces and robust backend systems. Seamlessly bridging frontend and backend, we deliver flawless web experiences. Don’t settle for ordinary. Choose our versatile developer for extraordinary results. Contact us now to bring your vision to life

 I’m also proficient in backend development, ensuring that your website or application functions flawlessly behind the scenes. With our expertise in server-side languages like Python, Ruby, Java, or PHP, we will build robust backend systems that handle data storage, retrieval, and processing efficiently. Our knowledge of frameworks such as Node.js, Django, Flask, or Ruby on Rails enables us to create powerful APIs and ensure seamless integration with the frontend.


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